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Atypical elegance

Eternal lover of beautiful things, Bernard Julémont dreamed of innovating in terms of style, pushing the boundaries of aesthetics.

It all starts from a desire

As a child, I filled my notebooks with car drawings. In love with the curves of beautiful car bodies and driven by a boundless creativity, I combined these two passions in 2001 to bring my dream to life. This is how Raidillon watches were born, a brand with an automobile spirit which I sold in 2014.

A stroke of pencil, many ideas

My desire for perfect and architectural shapes pushed me to search for the ideal curve in order to create my vision of watchmaking elegance. A watch which catches the eye and causes heads to turn, a watch with sensual curves, as atypical as elegant. Domed and polished like a pebble. The Dôme collection was therefore born and is comprised of several limited edition models.