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Glass and bracelet are never guaranteed. The case may be subject to normal wear and tear due to normal use. A shock will produce a visible blow which is not covered by the guarantee. The pvd coating is therefore not guaranteed. The watch and the movement are guaranteed for 5 years. In order to keep the various moving parts well lubricated and to avoid wear and tear on these parts, it is necessary to carry out maintenance every 5 years. Your Julémont Dôme watch is water-resistant 5atm, i.e. it is not guaranteed if it is immersed in water or any other liquid. Swimming, jumping or diving in the pool or the sea are therefore prohibited. Any thermal shock can damage the joints. Hammam, sauna and jacuzzi are therefore strictly forbidden. The Dôme watch can be cleaned under a tap or a shower to keep the bracelet in a clean condition. 

User manual


Like any automatic watch, your Julémont watch works with the movement of the arm. As the crown is integrated, it is very difficult to wind the watch manually. It is best to shake it a few seconds before wearing it, in order to start the oscillating weight (rotor).

The date / day change is made by pulling the crown out one notch (position B in the photo). By turning the crown in one direction, you can change the date. By turning in the other direction you modify the day (counter located at 9 o'clock). The letters indicate the initials in French of the day of the week.

The time is set by pulling the crown two notches (position C in the photo).

The month change (counter located at 3 o'clock) is done using a pencil point or toothpick, on the lug located on the outside of the case at 2 o'clock (see photo). The letters around the counter indicate the initials of the months in French.

The 24 hour counter (AM / PM), located at 6 o'clock, depends directly on the time indication and cannot be changed. It indicates morning or afternoon.

The J1 model does not have the Day / Month / 24 hour functions, even if the movement is the same.

An accuracy of 10-30 seconds per day is accepted. A quality automatic watch could have 5 minutes /month difference.

The models of the Dôme collection are not waterproof. They therefore cannot be submerged in the sea or in a swimming pool. Water-resistant 5atm means the possibility of going in the shower or cleaning the watch + the rubber strap, under the tap. In no case can the watch withstand thermal shocks such as sauna / hammam / jacuzzi.

Sports or activities with very violent gestures such as golf, squash, or tennis are to be avoided because they could deteriorate the movement.